Updated September 11, 2019

Playwriting Organizations

Dramatists Guild of America
The Dramatists Guild – the professional association of playwrights, composers, lyricists & librettists. The Guild is for established writers, but offers a plethora of resources and opportunities to members.

National New Play Network
The National New Play Network is the country’s alliance of nonprofit theaters that champions the development, production and continued life of new plays. They strive to pioneer, implement, and disseminate ideas and programs that revolutionize the way theaters collaborate to support new plays and playwrights.

The Playwright’s Center
The Playwrights’ Center champions playwrights and plays to build upon a living theater that demands new and innovative works. Theater begins here.

Online Resources

Play Submissions Helper
A subscription-based service featuring a list of play submission opportunities from around the world. Updated monthly. Subscriptions are $20 per year.

World Theatre Map
Formerly “New Play Map.” The World Theatre Map is a user-generated directory and real-time map of the global theatre community. It’s a digital commons, free and open to all. The World Theatre Map aims to make the field visible to itself by providing a collectively-owned, people-powered infrastructure to connect isolated theatremakers to vital information resources and knowledge.

New Play Exchange
Create profiles for your plays in this online catalog used by artistic directors, producers, and literary managers searching for new material.

Miscellaneous Playwriting Resources

En Avant Playwrights Board
A forum for playwrights to support and encourage each other to send out and produce their work.

A commons by and for people who make performance. HowlRound is a condition—one that results in a howling noise when sound from a loudspeaker is fed back into a microphone. It’s an amplified feedback loop. This idea of a feedback loop represents the condition upon which HowlRound was born five years ago—as a place for artists to provide feedback, learning, expertise, frustration, and vision—in an effort to enliven the fields of theatre and performance to the aspiring and established artist alike.

A very thoughtful theatre blog. Thinking outside the Black Box.

Adam Szymkowicz: Interviews Playwrights
An excellent blog run by Adam Szymkowicz featuring thoughts on playwriting and theatre as well as a lengthy archive of interviews with playwrights.

The Playwriting Subreddit
A subreddit for writing for the stage — from 10 minutes plays to full-length productions.

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