Five Contemporary Playwrights You Should Be Following

It’s near-impossible to predict with absolute certainty who the influential artists of each generation will be. But we’d lose out on a lot of fun if people didn’t speculate on the unknowable. And I like fun, dammit. So let’s imagine. Imagine me waking up in the dark. A lone lamp sways from the ceiling. I see a strange silhouette in


The Top 3 Clichéd Writing Tips (and Why They’re Misleading)

Before beginning my writing journey, I often had a romanticized version of what life as a writer would involve. My experience was limited. Most of my playwriting knowledge came from researching YouTube videos of already-successful playwrights offering “tips,” and cultural adages that, when applied in practice, miss the mark. It’s often tricky for successful playwrights to explain their process in


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