I was daunted by the absence of educational tools online when I began my journey as a playwright circa 2016. The resources I found were scattered and shallow. I had trained as an actor at The William Esper Studio and fell in love with the practicality and simplicity of the Meisner technique. Why wasn’t there something analogous for playwrights?

The Playwright’s Corner is about no-bullshit education and opinion on topics related to playwriting in a centralized space. In short: I’m here to motivate and facilitate your own journey as a playwright. I’m here for the folks that have written plays for thirty years and the ones that just wrote their first scene yesterday. For the ones that love to tell stories. For the ones that feel the beckoning of theatre and are eager to answer the call.

Here you’ll read updates on my own journey, opinions on theatre news and related topics, and advice for beginner and advanced topics alike. I’ve been involved in the theatre my whole life and I’m looking forward to growing and learning with/alongside you.

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