No Post This Week

Life is a little crazy at the moment. Part of that is going through the process of producing a staged reading of my new play’s first scene. There will be a new post next week at the regular time—thank you for understanding. -Graham

On the State of Cell Phones in the Theatre

Sometimes we forget to turn off our phones. Sometimes we hear that preshow announcement, and the warning from the usher before entering the theater, and the warning from the usher before the curtain rises as she stares you down specifically and directly, and we still decide not to take action. We think, “It’s on ‘Do Not Disturb.’ Why go through


I’ve Added a Resources Page

I’ve added a new resources page to the menu, full of links for playwrights. Expect this to be updated every now again with things I think will prove useful to you. You can find said resources here. Expect a really fun post next week. -Graham

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