The Theatre is Dead. Long Live the Theatre.

People enjoy sensationalizing the “death” of any art form. You’ll see countless articles pretentiously lamenting the demise of the theatre which generates inevitable backlash articles contending the theatre is booming unlike any point in history. In this case, common sense says the truth is somewhere in the middle. Yes, Broadway broke records last year with roughly two-billion dollars in grosses,


How to Protect Your Work

Writing plays isn’t known for paying the bills. I’d say about 99% of self-proclaimed playwrights have a day job. Don’t fact-check me. I include myself in this category of part-time playwrights. That being said, my day job is pretty sweet. I build websites for a 100% remote Digital Marketing Agency. While I consider this perk amazing, it certainly has the


How to Give and Receive Criticism

No one likes to be critiqued. You may think you do, but you don’t. At best, you enjoy the process of learning that comes from being critiqued, or maybe being critiqued doesn’t bother you, but no one likes it. After all, our brains are naturally incentivized towards praise and social acceptance. All of which is beside the point: you are


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