The Truth About “Show, Don’t Tell”

We read the first scene of my play during a recent playwriting class. There was some confusion over some details of the characters during the critique. A fictionalization of the ensuing conversation went as follows: TEACHERI’m unsure who these characters are. Are you telling a story about a debate club? MEA College Republican club. It’s a national advocacy organization for


How to Write Political Theatre

I’d be willing to bet you’ve had some feelings about politics in the past few years. There’s an endless stream of things to be angry about. A lot of people carry a sense of hopelessness. They look for ways to find meaning in the chaos, provide a sense of catharsis or comfort, be heard. These are excellent motivators to write


Five Contemporary Playwrights You Should Be Following

It’s near-impossible to predict with absolute certainty who the influential artists of each generation will be. But we’d lose out on a lot of fun if people didn’t speculate on the unknowable. And I like fun, dammit. So let’s imagine. Imagine me waking up in the dark. A lone lamp sways from the ceiling. I see a strange silhouette in


The Top 3 Clichéd Writing Tips (and Why They’re Misleading)

Before beginning my writing journey, I often had a romanticized version of what life as a writer would involve. My experience was limited. Most of my playwriting knowledge came from researching YouTube videos of already-successful playwrights offering “tips,” and cultural adages that, when applied in practice, miss the mark. It’s often tricky for successful playwrights to explain their process in


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